Caught Up In Christ
Caught Up In Christ

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Speaking Topics

  • Called to be Spiritual First-Responders
    • Enhance your personal walk with Christ
    • Increase comfort level talking about your faith
    • Gain confidence responding to questions and objections
    • You may not be an evangelist but you can evangelize
  • 5 Privileges of Peace
    • Learn more about the 5 privileges of peace and how they will change the way you experience the world and how the world experiences you
    • Peace is closer than you think
  • Step Away from Your Wall
    • Get to know your wall and gain a bigger perspective on your space, situation, identity, purpose, and enemy.
    • Participants are drawn into this experiential learning workshop
    • Answers are not always right in front of you. Sometimes they are behind you or above you, just out of your field of view.
  • Grace and Space
    • Apply spiritual first-aid to specific challenges
    • Addictions, unhealthy relationship patterns
    • Designed for individuals as well as those in their support system
  • Spiritual First-Aid Study Program-Online version (Available Soon)
    • Rick offers 4-minute reviews of each chapter in the book which serves as introduction and discussion starter
    • Designed for small groups in person or online

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