Caught Up In Christ
Caught Up In Christ


From the book:

Here is a metaphor that I hope will help us capture fully the benefit of having a godly perspective. In the skies overhead, airline pilots are in communication with air-traffic controllers. The pilots count on them to know the final destination of the aircraft but also to know about any obstacles that lie in its path. There are times when the dangers are such that pilots are directed to change flight paths. How much sense would it make for pilots to second-guess these directions or even turn off the radio all together? The input that controllers provide to pilots is not criticism but points of correction. They have a perspective that the pilots do not have access to. God has a perspective that we do not have access to. Reading Holy Scripture provides us God’s perspective by which we can adjust our flight plan and make in-flight corrections, when needed.


This hit me hard when I read it. Having a type A personality can be good…and also not so good.  The type A in me wants to tactfully bust through what comes my way with my eye on the goal.  I need to think hard about giving up the reins and follow the lead of the lord.  Thank you for writing your book.

Steve Mueller – Dubuque, Iowa

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