How You Can Help

Join us in encouraging and equipping parents to compassionately and effectively help their adult children walk in faith.

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Training Events

Spiritual Parenting workshops are designed to:

  • Encourage people to share their stories
  • Give people a chance to learn from other parents
  • Equip parents to engage their children with confidence and compassion
  • Build connections with spiritual parenting partners
  • Activate parishes to support parents as they engage their adult children to walk in faith and return to Church

Speaking Events

Invite Rick to speak with your parish, group, or organization

  • How to become a spiritual first-responder (Yep, this is the how-to’s you’ve been looking for to finally understand how to evangelize effectively in a way that fits who you are.)

We are building an army of adults to share the peace of Christ and the power of the Gospel with their adult children and grandchildren.  We call them spiritual first-responders.

But we cannot do this alone.  We need your help.

  • Your gift of $25 helps provide training materials for 16 parents
  • Your gift of $100 helps provide training materials for 64 parents
  • Your gift of $400 helps expand marketing to new parents in new areas

Will you help us raise an army of spiritual parents and spiritual first-responders?  Your gift of any amount makes a mighty impact for Christ and His Church!

Thank you!

We are a non-profit 501(C)3 organization (EIN 88-2214087).  All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.