About the Ministry

Caught Up in Christ Ministries was founded to help people set or re-set their faith firmly on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  With everything going on in our hearts, in our homes, and in our culture, we can all use a little spiritual first-aid.  Even within the Church, there are so many issues and things we can get caught up in.  And for our children and grandchildren, some of these issues are the very issues that have led them away from the Church, their faith, and even a basic belief in God.

We focus on helping people get back to the basics of our faith.  And our Christian Catholic faith starts with how Jesus died on the cross, paying for our sins and then rising from the dead.  This is why only Jesus can offer us eternal life and harmony with God.

We have launched our Spiritual Parenting initiative to help parents compassionately and effectively help their adult children walk in faith.  By equipping parents to engage their adult children around the dinner tables and at sporting events or wherever parents and kids connect, we can help our children and grandchildren turn to or return to the faith and the Church.

Rick Merfeld, Founder and President of Caught Up in Christ Ministries, earned a psychology degree from Luther College and a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He began his professional career providing mental health services for children, couples, and families. He lived and worked among college students for over 25 years before moving into an executive leadership position with a non-profit organization.

Rick grew up in a loving Catholic home and attended 12 years of Catholic education, followed by four additional years at a Christian college. His spiritual journey continued, and Rick reconfirmed his faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 38. Rick has been involved with parish leadership and speaks at Christian retreats and conferences. Rick and his wife, Dagmar, have been married for 34 years and reside in Iowa. They are parents of three adult sons and have five grandchildren.

Rick enjoys time outdoors and dark chocolate.