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What do you do with the nagging sense you’ve been lied to?

There are many misconceptions in our world today: “Truth is whatever people decide it is.” “You don’t need God, you can become a god.” “Humans can fix the human heart.” “If we all ‘love’ one another, the world will be wonderful and there will be peace and security for all.”

Have you been wounded by these delusions? Are these and other misunderstandings about to mortally wound a friend or family member? Even if you believe in Christ, the constant noises raise questions and create doubts, making it seemingly impossible to share the Good News.

These are spiritual wounds that need spiritual first-aid!

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” When we get caught up in Christ we embrace the author of all truth. It changes the way we experience the world and the way the world experiences us! Imagine a life of inner peace, lived with a powerful partner. Reduce the outcomes of bad thinking by adopting a Godly perspective. Envision the blessing you can be to others as you share the peace of Christ and the promise of the Gospel. Join us as we get caught up in Christ!

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