Caught Up In Christ
Caught Up In Christ

Hold on! Please, just a few minutes longer!

I know you can feel it—the heartbeat of a country out of rhythm…your own heart aching with unceasing pain… the heart of churches throbbing in crisis…a friend or family member who can feel their heart pounding at the sight of a spiritual wound. Perhaps you have been searching your heart for any feeling at all and are ready to give up and surrender to the numbness of a flat-lined faith life.

Confusion and fear run rampant in our emotionally charged, hyper sexualized, me-driven society. Unanswered questions lead to doubt and, if left unchecked, mature into total disbelief. People hear about the latest mass shooting and stand by utterly dismayed and perplexed by the increasing presence of evil in our world. We fight to stand strong in the wake of pandemic viruses and wonder if the world is falling apart. We wake each morning to a world that is more and more anti-God and anti-Christian. With everything going on in our world, country, in our homes, and in our hearts, should we be surprised that many of us are in need of spiritual first aid?

Each of us can identify ourselves somewhere on the following continuum.

Where are you? Perhaps your concern is for someone in your circle of friends or your family who “is done.” Waiting to hear if a loved one made it through the night is a heart-wrenching experience. It gets worse when you are the one people are waiting to hear about. I could give you testimonies of my own experiences at each stage.

Your story is important because you matter. Getting caught up in Christ moves us closer to a fuller understanding of our situation. Most importantly, getting caught up in Christ moves us closer to the source of hope, healing, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Only in Christ do we find a coherent understanding of what’s going on that corresponds to the specific details of our story and the way out of our desperation.

This spiritual first-aid also provides us a critical awareness of how things will get better. I wish I could promise you a fast and complete recovery. I’ll never sugar-coat the work that lies ahead. I’ll help you lay out a path forward based on my own experiences and those whom I’ve had the honor of walking with through their struggles.

We can’t jump from desperation and parachute into peace. It’s a process that starts by carefully backing away from the edge of “I’m done” and working our way through the continuum to “peace.” As we get caught up in Christ, we learn that this process also comes with a promise. Christ will never leave us nor abandon us. He loves you. He loves me. Praise God!

My book, Caught Up in Christ, invites you into a conversation that will impart spiritual first aid, uncover evidence, answer questions, and help you set or reset your faith firmly on the foundation of Christ. Don’t settle for the world’s version of peace or even what you think you can achieve on your own. Get caught up in Christ. Don’t count on your own abilities or power to achieve goals or make changes in your life. Get caught up in Christ.

Don’t buy into the world’s perspective on who you are, what your purpose is, or who your enemy is. Get caught up in Christ. Don’t subscribe to your own way of thinking or the contaminated thinking of the world. Get caught up in Christ. Don’t put limits on what God can do in you, for you, and through you. Get caught up in Christ!

I invite you to read the book and join in our conversation as we get caught up in Christ.